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Room escape (or Escape the room) games guarantee unequal parts frustration, pure mathematics, problem solving, pixel-perfect presumption and post-intuitive gameplay. While its intrinsic hard-boiled point-and-click style is certainly not for everyone, the genre continues to multiply, producing outstanding examples. Below, you will find a sample of the room escape games that selectbutton consider the foremost of the genre.

    • vision: One of a series of room escape games which account for humor, Charisma pits you against a sound engineer turned jailer. Leave no cranny unclicked! (Also check out the other games on that page, except maybe Terminal House and its unforgiving rhythm-game-arm-wrestling matches)
    • vision: Water-themed, as one might expect, this game deviously gives you hints on the easy stuff, letting the less intuitive tasks turn your hair gray. There isn't much pixel hunting, so the pointer turning into a poker doesn't highlight anything too concealed. My highest accolades on the sterile atmosphere!
    • vision: Slowly dismantle and CSI your way out of a dustless, minimalist, photo-realistic room full of over-clever puzzles and unapologetic, purest-form pixel hunting. I'm pretty sure there's a buddha machine hidden under one of the floorboards.
    • vision: This is solid in every aspect—tidy, clever puzzles, recurring motifs and devices, and sound effects that give each object an illusory weight—all along with the aesthetic economy and consistency of Sag's Room.
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