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  • Angry Birds (also on: iOS, PSN, lord knows what else)
    • gatotsu2501: Ridiculously hyped physics-based puzzler that is actually pretty good.
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
  • Bad Piggies
    • Shnozlak: Design a vehicle of sundry parts to get your pig and egg to the goal. The game mixes puzzle play, customization and vehicle piloting. The levels and sub goals start easy but get truly puzzling near the mid to late levels. Winning makes you feel clever and just a little bit lucky. Play doesn't lend to quick sessions because if you are like me you will want to try again and a again with new designs. It's my favorite stuck-in-line game so far.
  • Battle Champs / Little Noah (JP) (also on iOS)
    • the_blueberry_hill: Probably fun for a month or two.
      Has some big names (Akihiko Yoshida, Hitoshi Sakimoto) working on it. But it's mostly a Clash of Clans clone with some extra stuff like single-player, apparently? So you have a base you build up with defenses, and otherwise you can attack other peoples' or NPCs bases.
  • CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars (also on: iOS)
    • the_blueberry_hill: You make a little car, you attach whatever weapons, then send it into fights with others. Like a 2-D Robot Wars, where you don't actually control your machine, I guess.
  • Chu-chu Rocket
    • shnozlak: It's Chu Chu Rocket! Single Player only makes me pretty sad but its better than nothing… I suppose.
  • Cribbage with Grandpas
    • Doolittle: A cute cribbage game with a character creator for your opponent (your grandpa). My grandpa immediately fell asleep so I had to tap on him to wake him up. Highly realistic. Recommend if your grandpa plays cribbage and you have to stay sharp on the go.
  • Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada (also on: iOS)
    • the_kyphosis_gamer: Dandy Dungeon is near-good.
    • the_blueberry_hill: I've been enjoying most of Dandy Dungeon but the plot is icky as fuck. It's one of those draw a path through the board over every square, but there and monsters and treasures and things.
    • woundww: it's really good, and warm
  • Death of the Corpse Wizard
    • GRIMGlamfire made by forum user toups' brother elder toups, theres really nothing else like DotCW on phones or anywhere. like a roguelike robotron
  • Desert Golfing
  • Final Freeway 2R
    • Sleaxy: A fun little outrun clone to dip into.
  • Fire Emblem Heroes (also on: iOS) - forum thread
    • botagel: Right now there's no anime kissing elements in it, it's just an extra small-scale, almost more puzzle-ish game. A LOT of the random elements are out; all attacks are guaranteed, for one thing.
  • Frozen Synapse (also on: iOS, Linux, OSX, Windows) - Usernames
    • Intentionally Wrong: Playing this feels more like I'm trying to overcome myself than my opponents, since I've noticed I tend to win any match where I spend at least 5 minutes simulating before I send in my orders, and only lose if I get careless and don't take the time that I need. Perpetual vigilance and attention to detail is rewarded.
    • JoeX111: I love the asynchronous multiplayer. It's like chess by mail with gunfire.
    • Dracko: You should be playing Frozen Synapse anyhow if you've got nothing better to do than completely miss the grotesque irony of a cyberpunk tale about violent corporate warfare using proxy soldiers.
    • Ymer: I think you might like it actually. It's XCOM style turn-based combat only both players turns take place at the same time after they've been planned and engaged. You can even simulate whatever move you think your opponent might make during the planning phase but you're of course in all likelihood gonna guess completely wrong about it. The multiplayer is also asynchronous similar to Words with friends/Wordfeud so you can have multiple games going at once and not have to make your move in any of them for days if you so wish.
      Also a campaign with a real weird GitS-like storyline or something.
    • The Blueberry Hill: Tight, turn-based tactical game. Really great as a play-it-when-you're ready asynchronous multi thing, with lots of options for your you people, and for simulating the behaviours of your opponents'.
  • Groove Coaster (also on: arcade, iOS)
    • mothmanspirit: This ain't like that IIDX shit, it's laid back and has lots of great ZUNTATA tunes, both new and classic. It's easy and the windows are big enough you can just like mash on shit. I can't play a Bemani game for shit but I can clear the hardest tracks on here like w/e. It has beautiful colors and the music is great. Like, the first song you unlock is from Street Fighter EX. You get a decent amount of shit free, and it doesn't ever feel money grubby.
  • Hidden My Game By Mom
    • Sleazy: More like a little vignette than a game and you can probably beat it in one sitting but it's free and you should play it.
    • The Blueberry Hill: Has SUPER OBNOXIOUS ads. that take over the game, so you have to close it and open it again to continue.
  • Hoplite
    • Tulpa: It's a roguelike with solid tactical hex-based combat and interesting turn by turn movement choices, and basically none of the usual roguelike wiki binging that could be found in more maximalist games of the genre.
      It's fairly easy but it's an addictive way to spend 5 minutes of my day when I'm not doing something else since it's a lot more stimulating than the usual time waster game.
  • Jetpack Joyride
    • gatotsu2501: Canabalt meets Balloon Fight, only with machine gun jetpacks and Mad Max motorbike powerups and stuff, all nestled within a meta-game goal/reward structure that's addictive without being underhanded. All of which is to say that it's, y'know, pretty sweet.
  • King of Dragon Pass (also on: iOS, OSX, Windows, Windows Phone)
    • Tulpa: Even if the interface is a bit fucked on phones (It's fine on tablets but font size on some menus is too big on phones).
  • Luxuria Superbia (also on: iOS, Linux, OSX, Windows)
    • The_Blueberry_Hill: Great use of the phone's size and touch screen! You touch the screen in different ways to help bring the program to orgasm. You have to pay attention and respond to how it's reacting to you touch. Really neat.
  • Mini Metro
  • Nemo Picross
    • The_Blueberry_Hill: Probably the best of the Android nonogames. Nicks a bit from Picross DS, and is about as good as you can expect a free phone game without a stylus or D-pad to be.
  • NonoCube
    • The_Blueberry_Hill: Free, Android rip-off of HAL's Picross 3D. Works pretty well! You can't drag to select blocks, but there are shortcuts to 'shield' and destroy whole rows. Block notation is actually clearer.
  • Reigns
    • Doolittle: Reigns is a throne-sitting simulator with Tinder's interface. People come to ask you, the king/queen, yes or no questions about how to manage the kingdom. You die quickly because your subjects are prone to regicide when things go south.
  • Romancing SaGa 2
  • Rust Bucket
  • Steven Universe: Attack the Light
    • Sleazy: Good if you just want to play a bunch of mario-rpg-like battles.
  • TeqQ Princess
  • Terra Battle
    • Sakurina: I really enjoyed Mistwalker's Terra Battle when I was playing it about a year or so ago. The main gimmick is that if you sandwich enemies between two of your units, they both get to attack on each unit's turn, incentivizing you to box in enemies or push enemies into corners of the map. There are special abilities that can push back enemy units to counter such an attack. You can also place your units adjacent to each other and enter one of two stances: a defence buff stance or an offence buff stance. Combine that with map hazards, and you have to think carefully about positioning if you want to milk as much damage out of a turn as possible.
  • Thumb Drift
    • Doolittle: Thumb Drift is a single-input drifting game where you slide your thumb to control the angle of your slide around obstacles. The graphics are 3D and very smooth and the skill ceiling is high (read: you'll crash a lot). Plus it's got an Outrun themed stage.
    • VirtualClint: Thumb Drift is really cool! Very hard. I'm really enjoying it even though I keep getting distracted by coins and then crashing.
  • Time Surfer
    • meauxdal: everything you do in time surfer affects everything else nigh indefinitely. contrast this with something like canabalt (oft considered to be the pinnacle of endless runners, though i don't agree), where aside from the speed increasing unless you trip over boxes, nothing you do has any impact on the next thing you do. of course, your landing spots and momentum in an individual jump chain impact your next jump within that chain, but after that chain, you're more or less back at square one. time surfer has a much finer granularity of control and the choices you make are far more impactful. you can also make some really elegant plays with the time reversing mechanics that other runners don't even approach
  • TNNS (also on iOS)
    • Shnozlak: Its well designed for short bursts of play when you want a dash of color and a little challenge. The music leaves something to be desired but I leave my sound off most of the time anyway. I got a lot of people asking me what this is just from seeing it over my shoulder.
  • Voyage to Farland (also on: Linux, OSX, Windows)
    • The_Blueberry_Hill: (very) Mystery Dungeon-like. Definitely feels a bit rough, but does a good job of scratching that itch.

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