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bbc_chocnpbcake.jpgA personal computer, developed by Acorn, for the BBC's BBC Computer Literacy Project. It appeared in UK schools throughout the 80s, and 90s, much like Apple's computers did in the US. This made it a popular choice in homes, too. Until the, much cheaper, ZX Spectrum arrived.

  • Chuckie Egg
    • Vamos: The best version (along with the near-identical Amstrad CPC port) of the classic single-screen platformer. Fast-paced and skilful with surprisingly satisfying bouncing physics.
  • Citadel
    • Vamos: Platform exploration game in the vein of Jet Set Willy but (slightly) more forgiving, if just as baffling.
  • Exile
    • The Blueberry Hill: This game has an absolutely stunning use of a limited colour palette.
    • Sketch: The British home computer version of Exile though is rather different to the action RPG versions of Exile available in the USA. To be quite honest, it's like a metrovania, with a real, living ecosystem to explore and use, eerie underground caverns, gradual progression, the ability to fly at will, real-world physics which need to be manipulated, and a warping quick-save feature where your spaceman can mark a point on a map, go somewhere else, and then warp back to it.
    • Vamos: Also has a really nice PC remake / sequel, Exile The Nameless:
  • Vertigo
    • Vamos: A difficult game to explain, but imagine Spindizzy without the exploration or Marble Madness crammed onto a single screen. Use slightly odd controls to get a generic object through mazes, against the clock. Weirdly addictive, good difficulty curve and awful / excellent music.
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