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amiga_party.jpg The Commodore Amiga is personal computer, or group of computers, with a thing for gradients and barbarians. A few hardware variations exist, but the vast majority of the system's catalogue are compatible with the Amiga 500.

  • Agony
    • Loki Laufeyson: A beautiful side-scrolling shooter in which the player is an owl. Allegedly some of the music was later ripped off by a black metal band.
  • Apidya
    • Sniper Honeyviper: Euro-Gradius with a truly bizarre nature/wildlife theme.
  • Cannon Fodder (also on: 3DO; Acorn; Amiga; CD32; GBC; Jaguar; Mega Drive; PC; SNES; ST)
    • Bennett: Still fun, still interesting in terms of mechanics and for its attempt to humanize the little troops. Probably not tactically interesting by modern RTS standards. Try not to think of it as a tactics game. And play the Amiga version.
  • Datastorm
    • les meat: fucking awesome defender clone that I played before I even knew what defender was. GIANT FUCKING SQUIDS AND SKULLS!
  • Defender of the Crown
    • Loki Laufeyson: Very, very simple strategy game that involves conquering all the counties of England in the days of Robin Hood. You'll probably complete it in half an hour, but worth playing for the luxurious graphics, that look far, far too good for a 25 year old game. Also, don't bother with the jousting, it's pretty much impossible to win.
  • Damocles
    • Bennett: This is still one of the most ambitious and nonlinear games of all time. Save a planet from being hit by a comet, however you can manage it!
  • Deuteros: The Next Millennium (also on: Atari ST)
    • Bennett: Do you still have patience for management games? If so, the old graphics and interface probably won't put you off. And this is one of the most haunting space exploration games ever.
  • Ebonstar
    • Bennett: Still the best 4-player hotseat game ever. So good, so simple, such a good mixture of cooperation and competition. It's tough to make this work on an Amiga emulator, because modern PC keyboards have shitty 2- or 3-key rollover. If you have two gamepads and a real live friend or two, it is totally worth a shot. Or if you have a real Amiga lying around. Consider it next time you are drunk with friends and someone suggests Wii Sports.
  • Flashback (also on: 3DO; Acorn; Amiga; CD-i; FM Towns; Jaguar; Mac; Mega Drive; Mega CD; PC; PC-98; SNES)
    • costel: My first experience with cinematic platformers and still incredibly memorable. Punishing, slick, and incredibly rewarding at times. It still holds up pretty well.
  • Gods (also on: Acorn; Atari ST; Mega Drive; PC; PC-98; SNES)
    • Bennett: One of the crunchiest games of all time, with some of the best secrets. I know it's flawed, goddammit, but the flaws don't matter.
  • Hunter
    • les meat: GTA3 to us basically :) this was played to death, we didn't even play it right mostly just pissed around, fucking awesome and very impressive at the time. So many vehicles! hovercraft was my fave.
  • International Karate +
    • les meat: fighting game where lots of keys on the keyboard had weird effects, like T made everyone's trousers fall down.
    • The King: This is one of my favorite computer games. Charming 8×8 pixel art, delightful puzzles that need to be executed with precision.
    • Lick Meth: Yuji Naka's favourite game is a charming collection of pixel-based puzzling in weird environments that feel *slightly* more realistic than Sonic. I'm more disappointed by how Sony have left this to rot, when we'd all prefer it back in the hands of Rockstar North.
  • Lemmings 2: The Tribes (also on: Acorn; Atari ST; Game Boy; FM Towns; Mega Drive; PC; SNES)
    • Bennett: It's a lot less repetitive than Lemmings, and it has more charm. A good sequel. Not sure which version to recommend, probably PC by 1993.
  • Lionheart
    • Loki Laufeyson: Platform beat em up with insanely detailed graphics and great animation.
  • Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
    • les meat: This was probably the mario kart of middle class England. The guy down the road was jealous because it played a “YEEEHAH!” voice sample when driving under trucks on my Commodore Amiga because I had 1 meg of ram not 512kb
  • Megaball
    • q 3: great Breakout clone or greatest Breakout clone?
  • Quik and Silva
    • les meat: Bizarre [public domain] Game that I think my dad got a copy of from one of his friends. Me and my sister played it loads. Awesome music and awesome deformed versions of Sonic, Mario X Q-Bert, rtype, Bub, Teenage Mutant Turtles, power up things and Walkers from Turrican (which in turn were references to goombas)
  • Super Offroad (also on: Arcade; Amstrad; Atari ST; C64; Game Boy; Game Gear; Lynx; Master System; Mega Drive; NES; PC;SNES; ZX Spectrum)
    • YourImaginaryFriend: Super Offroad is actually one of my favorite multiplayer games. Me and my little brother spent a lot of time playing that game together(along with TMNT Arcade and Super Contra) and we got hours of entertainment out of it. I love the way it feels, and it's the only racer of its type that I've enjoyed playing.
  • Syndicate (also on: 3DO; Acorn; CD32; Jaguar; Mac; MD; PC; PC-98; SNES) - HG101 article
    • Bennett: Easily the best Peter Molyneux game, and the model for a whole line of Western-made realtime tactics games.
    • The Blueberry Hill: You're best going for the Syndicate Plus version (Amiga/PC), which includes the maybe-too-tough expansion American Revolt.
  • Slam Tilt Pinball
    • The Blueberry Hill: This is the best Pinball game. The tables are full of ace little touches; even minigames! There's a Windows version, but it won't run in XP or newer.
  • Turrican
  • Turrican 2
    • les meat: one of the best level 1 themes ever. This game is to me what Super Mario Brothers is to most people.
  • Wizball (also on: Amstrad; C64; Atari ST; PC; Spectrum)
    • kthorjensen: Wizball is really excellent and easily emulated, go for it.
    • cake: Wizball is my favourite game of all time.
    • vamos: It's interesting, but I've given it a go several times and never found it to live up to the hype. It has a nice remake.
  • Xenon 2: MEGABLAST
    • les meat: subtitled after the acid house track that was converted to MOD for the game. this game was fucking hard, well it was when I was a kid. In the shop you could buy this horse icon that would give your ship every weapon in the game for about 40 seconds, it was pointless because you didn't hit that many enemies after the shop but you still fell for it every time

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