SB Recommends MSX Games

  • Kyokugen
    • Shiren the Launderer: A neat shmup from M-KAI (creator of Judgement Silversword) released for the MSX2 in 1997. A lot of ideas in this game are used to greater effect in Judgement Silversword, but Kyokugen is still worth playing for the combination of modern ideas and outdated hardware pushed to its limits.
    • Loki Laufeyson: Legends say that an english translated version of this exists.
  • Metal Gear
    • Schwere Viper: Now fairly dated and unforgiving, Metal Gear is still worth playing if only to see the core concepts of the Metal Gear series laid out in such a pure, unrefined state, along with elements that would resurface wholesale in almost every future installment. The game world is whole and consistent with no obvious “level” divisions (compared to the NES versions bizarre and disjointed layout), the toying with players' expectations (for example, a support character that outright lies to Snake near the game's climax) is present, along with the core “tactical espionage action” gameplay that only Metal Gear seems to get right. Major points: BIG BOSS, Snake's first encounter with a HIND D and a tank, the first and terribly unreliable iteration of the support team, and the most inactive Metal Gear in the series next to Arsenal Gear!
  • Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake
    • Schwere Viper: If you don't play Metal Gear, play Metal Gear 2. Improved core mechanics such as an expanded field of view (and even a sense of hearing!) for enemy sentries, brilliant music, a surprisingly dramatic storyline that seems like it could have been ripped straight out of an '80s action flick, and even more series-specific tropes appear in this hardware-punishing sequel. Things to watch out for: deadly Zanzibar hamsters, BIG BOSS, the first reliable support team that Snake receives, the first appearance of the classic stairwell chase sequence, the second appearance of the HIND D, and Snake's first notable love interest!
    • Shnozlak: The best way to sum this game up is to say it feels like a very well produced de-make of Metal Gear Solid. Having played the PSX solid game after playing 3 and Twin Snakes I must say it is actually less frustrating being stuck in the overhead view than the PSX version of Metal Gear Solid 1.
  • Pleasure Hearts
    • Loki Laufeyson: Another shmup by M-Kai, with amazine graphics and production values. Could be considered a little too easy, though.
  • Rune Master
    • Loki Laufeyson: An interesting board game/RPG hybrid thing for up to four players. Has some really charming artwork.

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