SB Recommends Platform Independent / Browser-based Games

  • A Dark Room - Play Forum talk
    • bort: this game is cool. i think it's better than candy box.
    • tacotaskforce: Oh holy shit. If I had made a game, it would be this.
    • gary oldman dwarfism: It is way better than candy box, although I wish the combat were handled differently. Keyboard shortcuts, at least.
    • shrugtheironteacup: The way it reveals the nature of the wider setting so plainly is excellent.
    • spectralsound: oh my god i can't believe this game. like a parasite slowly drilling into your skull and whispering its horrible secrets.
  • Gyossait - Play
    • spectralsound: Amon's best, for my money. takes his lucid-nightmare aesthetic and creates a fully-realized world out of it. controls might be a little unresponsive until you adjust to them.
  • Kingdom - Play
    • The Blueberry Hill: A mechanically simple game about building up and staying safe in a castle. Eventually gets a bit dull, but for twn or so waves it works really well.
    • The Drunken Samurai: The Ministry of Silly Walks: The Game
  • Ripple Dot Zero - Play
    • Take It Sleazy: Ripple Dot Zero is pretty much the exact platformer I have wanted to play for a long time. It's like a Treasure game I can actually play and enjoy all they way through! Which probably means it's way too easy and mechanically unsatisfying for you hardcore heads.
    • Haven't seen a “normal” platformer this well executed in a long time.
  • Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar - Play
    • Bennett: still after 26 years, the only game with an interesting take on ethics. (and I do ethics for a living, so this is my professional opinion)
    • Levi: The tileset's directly from the VGA upgrade the underdogs used to have. It's integrated the instruction manual into the play! That's kind of neat.
    • Tulpa: It's an honest port with the lovely feature of directly linking to the required manuals in game, and the liberties he takes are improvements. My preferred port however is Sega Master System and if someone could make a combination of the flash and SMS versions I would be in U4 heaven.
  • Where We Remain - Strategy Play Forum thread
    • extrabastardformula: It's got zelda looks but a creepy “The Colossus is searching for you, Wander” vibe.
    • vision: I think I like the economy of the game more than anything, both aesthetic and mechanic, as well as the bare(st of) controls. It's the type of game I would feed more quarters into if I had the opportunity.
    • Mr. Toups: why did my browser start talking to me about dieting when I clicked the link
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