The Adventures of Batman & Robin


A 2D platformer action game for the Genesis, developed by Clockwork Tortoise and licensed from the animated series of the same name. It has been noted for its unusually high quality, technical feats, incredible Jesper Kyd music and similarities to Treasure's Gunstar Heroes. Certain selectbutton users regard it as a hidden gem of the Genesis' library. The only serious flaw is that levels tend to drag on and fall into repetitive patterns. This was likely done to artificially extend playtime for perceived value. There is also one tragically unfair section in Stage 3 covered in pits.


The weapon mechanics are rather similar to Sub-Terrania. When holding the fire button Batman autofires a stream of projectiles. When not shooting, a bar on the top of the screen fills up and once full you can fire a much stronger projectile. Firing always sets this bar back to zero, so it is advisable to space out your shooting with melee attacks (depending on the situation). Additionally, as your weapon powers up its charge time tends to decrease.

In addition to using these weapons, you can perform close-range punches and headbutts, and two different varieties of jump-kick (the aforementioned melee attacks).

  • Shuriken (blue): Charges and throws fastest, but the weakest weapon. Fires wide spreads at full power.
  • Batarangs (red): Average strength and charging time. Fires 3-way spreads at full power. Sollah's fave.
  • Bolos (green): High strength, slow charging time. The number of bolos thrown does not increase with powerups, but they get larger and stronger.
  • Power-downs (black): Only present in the last level, they make your weapon go down one power level.

Charged attacks have piercing capabilities, and will eat through multiple “popcorn” enemies.


Items are usually found in various containers (trash cans, pots, lights), though they can also obtained from enemies (increasingly so as the game wears on). They can also be found by dispatching the entirety of a certain enemy formations, with the occasional contingency of defeating them quickly (e.g. the game's first 1up).

  • Weapon: Cycles between the three weapon colors. Picking up your currently equipped weapon will increase your attack level. In later stages these will sometimes not cycle through colors.
  • Hearts: Recovers health. Small hearts will quickly float away, large ones will fall to the ground. If enemies drop these, you need to be close to them when they're killed to catch the small hearts.
  • Turbocharge: For a limited time after picking this up, the charge bar will fill extremely fast.
  • Skull: Kills all enemies onscreen and cancels all bullets.
  • 1up: What you'd expect. There aren't many of these, but they're all easy to find.


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  • Level 1: Happy Birthday to Me! (Boss: Joker Blimp)
    • Substages: Streets of Gotham, Gem Expo, Warehouse, Moving Trucks
  • Level 2: A Two-Sided Story (Boss: Two-Face's Helicopter)
    • Substages: Zeppelin Loading Dock, Flying Over the City, Zeppelin
  • Level 3: Tea Time! (Boss: Mad Hatter)
    • Substages: Dark Studio, Mushrooms, Dinner Table
  • Level 4: Snow in July? (Boss: Mr. Freeze)

Annotated Playthrough

Other Games

The license also received games on the SNES, Game Gear, and Sega CD. All of these are completely different. The Sega CD game was by the same developers, but it's a driving/flight game in the vein of Chase HQ. It's noteworthy for including a “lost” episode of the animated series never shown elsewhere.

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