Bangai-O Spirits

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Bangai-O Spirits contains a great level editor. Levels, and replays, are encoded as audio by the game, and these can be simply recorded from the DS's headphone jack, or by placing the speakers of the creator's DS near the microphone of the reciever's. FIXME1)

Collected here are the creations of the selectbutton mob, sorted alphabetically.

Stage name Author Replay score Replay time Replay's author
ShapersvertBANG Shapermc - - -
Big Boss Shapermc - - -
WARNING: Blue Skies The Blueberry Hill 5688 The Blueberry Hill
( ' Д ') loki laufeyson
The Great Enemy loki laufeyson
gunbustaaaaaah! loki laufeyson
help me loki laufeyson
The Bomb Factory dessgeega ? <14s L
Break Destroyer L - - -
Neo Sky City L - - -
Fruitfire! L - - -
Ricochet Range L - - -
Real Combat: The Lost Levels L - - L
Be The Hunted dessgeega

replays of default stages

Stage name Score Time Replay's author
Black Angels - 15s Sushi K
The Earth - 33s Sushi K
War in Space - <60s L
- 46.11 The Blueberry Hill

Other stages can be downloaded here:

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