Hatena Satena

Hatena Satenta is a nonogame with Minesweeper elements. Like any other nonogame, players use logic to reveal an image under the board. Unlike many games in the genre the pictures use several colours. The Minesweeper reference is due to the feature whereby if the cursor is hovered over a revealed tile it will indicate how many tiles of the same colour are adjacent.

It was released for the Game Boy Advance and mobile phone—both only in Japanese. The Internet seems to be lacking help navigating the odd-ish menus. So here's some help:

Title Screen

Nothing else do do but press start. When you first play the game this will lead to the Tutorial Mode, otherwise this leads to the Main Menu.

Use the dpad to move the target reticle over the icon of the option you wish to select, and press A. Sometimes a little UFO will fly along the top of the screen, like Space Invaders. When I tried to shoot it it just sped up.

The top spacechip-looking icon takes you to the Tutorial Mode.

Of the three below that: The first (from the left) goes to a Puzzle Creation Mode; the middle option (the large, brown, UFO/Catbus thing) opens a Puzzle Mode; the third, or rightmost, is where you go to delete save data.

The icons in the bottom row take you to the different Story Mode campaigns.

Tutorial Mode

The icons are ordered by skill level. You can exit a tutorial by press L+R, then selecting the bottom menu option.

Puzzle Creation Mode

Not too tough to figure out. The icons here actually make sense!

Puzzle Mode

A separate set of puzzle to Story Mode, though they work a shade differently: here the timer counts up, instead of down. Scores are recorded.


There are three options here. Each one, I am assuming, deletes a different section of data. Press B to get the hell off this screen.

Story Mode

First there are three options. The top-left lets you continue your game.

The top-right starts a new game. This is the only thing you can do at first. Selecting it afterwards will delete your save. Upon selection you must a name (L and R cycle through character sets) eventually you'll end up in a room. click on the character to enter the game. Sometimes a present icon will appear, which you can click to enter a tough puzzle to earn pointless items!

The bottom icon is a puzzle replay/score attack mode, somewhat like the Puzzle Mode, but with a timer that, like the rest of story mode, counts down. Puzzles must be 'unlocked' in Story Mode first.


The controls and functions when playing the puzzles are:

A Mark a tile
Use to switch to colour of tile currently under the cursor
B Cycles through the options within the current mark menu
L Seems to want to do something
R Cycle though your mark menus
START Opens a menu. The left-bottom option allows you to quit
SELECT Opens a menu. Once I changed some of the colours here

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