Psychic Force (Series)

A series of 3D fighting games made by Taito. Rather than having fighters standing on the ground, these games feature flying combatants having projectile-heavy midair battles inside large transparent cubes. All the games have excellent soundtracks, as to be expected from Taito. The series has a spiritual descendant in G.Rev's Senko no Ronde series.


  1. 1995 - Psychic Force (Arcade, Playstation)
    • The first game, which is pretty much made obsolete by its sequels.
  2. 1998 - Psychic Force 2012 (Arcade, Dreamcast)
    • Improves on the first game in pretty much every way, the main improvement being the addition of weak and strong attacks. Features an almost entirely new cast.
  3. 1999 - Psychic Force 2 (Playstation)
    • A port of PF2012, with inferior graphics to the Arcade and Dreamcast versions, though as compensation, features the return of the cast from the first game, plus various extra modes and new cel animated cutscenes.
  4. 2002 - TV Animation X: Unmei no Tatakai (Playstation)
    • Although it's licenced from a TV show and features no plot connection to the Psychic Force games, in every other way it is a PF sequel. Features some of the best graphics on the Playstation, interesting new character gimmicks and is just all-round a very high quality game.
  5. 2005 - Psychic Force Complete (Playstation 2)
    • Contains Psychic Force, Psychic Force 2012, and the exclusive Psychic Force 2012 EX, which adds the extra characters from Psychic Force 2, but not the extra play modes. Also has a small gallery of concept art and the like. Three limited editions were released, each with a figure of Emilio, Wong or Wendy.


  • The main Protagonist and Antagonist of the first game, Burn and Keith, share their first (but not last) names with the two playable characters from Taito's 1992 arcade game Riding Fight.
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