The Mario Artist Series

A series of eight games, four of which were unreleased, for the Nintendo 64's 64DD add-on.


  1. Dec. 1999 - Mario Artist: Paint Studio
  2. Feb. 2000 - Mario Artist: Talent Studio
  3. Jun. 2000 - Mario Artist: Communication Kit
  4. Aug. 2000 - Mario Artist: Polygon Studio
  • unreleased - Mario Artist: Game Maker
  • unreleased - Mario Artist: Graphical Message Maker
  • unreleased - Mario Artist: Sound Maker
  • unreleased - Mario Artist: Video Jockey Maker

Mario Artist: Paint Studio

paint_studio.jpg Youtube demonstration

A launch game for the 64DD. Similar in many ways to Mario Paint: users could draw or work on in-built images, create small animations, and play a minigame similar to Gnat Attack. Differences include a Pokémon Snap-like mode and the ability to import images from the Game Boy Camera and standard video source (for example VHS) via the N64 Capture Cart. It was available bundled with or without the N64 mouse, which were never sold seperately1).

Mario Artist: Talent Studio

talent_studio.jpg Youtube demonstration

Talent Studio allow users, through the Capture Cartridge, to import images to texture simple models (think Miis and have them perform actions from defined sets: sports, music, theatre, etc. Created characters are transferable to other games in the series.

Mario Artist: Communication Kit

communication_kit.jpg Youtube demonstration

The Communication Kit is what allows the Mario Artist series to communicate with RandNet. This allowed the uploading, and exchanging of content made with Mario Artist games, and well as content made by Nintendo. Printed copies of creations could be ordered through the service.

Mario Artist: Polygon Studio

polygon_studio.jpg Youtube demonstration

A surprisingly well featured 3-D modelling program. Creations could be used in included minigames and animations.

Sound Bomber

An included minigame, later developed into WarioWare Youtube demonstration.


  • Totaka's Song appears twice in Mario Artist: Talent Studio.
  • The Communication Kit may very well be Nintendo's first piece of software that allowed people to interact through the Internet.

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