Guilty Gear 2: Overture

Guilty Gear 2: Overture is a real-time strategy/3D action game for the XBox 360, and now PC, developed by Arc System Works. It is something of a massively updated spiritual sequel/homage to Technosoft's Herzog Zwei, containing all the same basic gameplay elements. A huge departure from the Guilty Gear 2D fighting series, it fuses elements of RTS games and "Musou" hack-and-slashers, although the emphasis is still on multiplayer versus battles. Story-wise, it is a prequel to the original Guilty Gear.

GG2 is an incredibly difficult and complex game, and players cannot afford to neglect a single detail of its controls and systems. Because of this, the game received an unfavorable reception and little serious play. Since the in-game tutorial is rather inadequate, it is absolutely required that one read the manual front to back before venturing out of the single-player modes.

There were three paid DLC items released: an alternate costume for Sol, a new character, and a new stage.


Sol Badguy: The series' protagonist. Sol is by far the most powerful and combo-heavy character on his own, but his units are rather ineffective. Sol players will need to frequently assist their units in combat, but they're likely to win player-to-player confrontations.

Sin: Very similar to Ky Kiske, he wields a flag as his weapon. Something of an adopted son to Sol. He is the most “all-around” character, with balanced fighting abilities and units. He also possesses a ridiculously cheap skill that amounts to a virtual 1-hit kill if used correctly, which Japanese players seem fond of abusing.

Izuna: An anthropomorphic dog-ninja. Kind of weak in combat, but he's the fastest character and has powerful units. He can do some confusing jump and teleport attacks.

Dr. Paradigm: By far the strangest character design to come out of the series, Paradigm is a wizened old dragon-man suspended in a floating sphere of water. He's the complete opposite of Sol: helpless in combat, but with very strong units. He has the advantage of being able to speed up all his units for a limited time.

Valentine: Goth girl with a talking stuffed thing on a stick. Quite similar to A.B.A. and Battle Fantasia's Odile. She is balanced like Sin, but has a few unusual abilities, like teleporting to her home base from anywhere in the stage.

Ky Kiske: The Ken to Sol's Ryu. Ky uses the same units as Sin, but has a different moveset. Has to be unlocked.

Raven, the Undying Disease: Released as DLC. Raven uses Valentine's units and has a unique skillset emphasizing offense. Appears as a boss in story mode.

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