Warframe is a free-to-play third-person action game currently in open beta on the PC. Characters are armed with a primary and secondary gun (typically a large gun like a shotgun or rifle, and a pistol) and a melee weapon. The players are capable of pretty neat acrobatic moves like wallrunning.


Platinum really isn't needed to enjoy the game. Blueprints for new weapons are cheap to purchase with credits earned in-game, at the resources required to build them are easy enough to acquire. Slots for storing weapons, and particularly warframes (you only get two), may be wanted later though. Also extra colours for your suit, if you need to get glamorous. Rare mods can also be traded for platinum now.

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Kill Men

Kill Men is our clan. Come help us make koi ponds in our dojo.


Dojo Map

(now out of date)

Key: Re = Reactor, Or = Oracle, L = Lift, CL = Chem Lab, BL = Bio Lab, EL = Energy Lab, Ba = Barracks, Obs = Obstacle Course.

L1 Re Or L
Duel Hall EL
L2 Ba L

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