New Mobile Report Gundam W: Gundam Wing Endless Duel

New Mobile Report Gundam W: Gundam Wing Endless Duel is a really ace fighting game released for the Super Famicom.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition is the fighter developed before Gundam Wing, and the connection between the two games is easy to notice. The sound design is near identical: the same instruments are used in the music, and, I believe, some sound effects are shared.
The Sprites in Power Rangers are smaller, and characters are made up of one, rather than a group. They are not as attractive, but neither is the design in the source material. The larger graphics used between fights are much near Gundam Wing's standard.
The characters in Power Rangers still have a satisfying weight, but feel more sluggish because of the fewer movement options. There are forward and back dashes, but that's it. The attack repertoire is small. Power Rangers does have an interesting super move system, which is not in Gundam Wing: the super gauge fills, and unfills, constantly, and of its own accord. If a special is performed when the gauge is full it is more powerful, and will increase the super metre by one. At level three specials are cast at full power regardless of when performed. Super moves are able to be performed at level three, and will deplete the gauge back to level one. Timing is key, which is interesting.



The staff from Gundam Wing, and the Power Rangers game are mostly the same.

The Producers, and Executive Producers, are entirely different. Gundam Wing gives Shunichi Taniguchi credit as Planner, and Designer; rather than just Chief Designer in Power Rangers. There is no Planner in Power Rangers, and no Chief Designer in Gundam Wing.
(And, for what it's worth, Power Rangers lists the Designers ahead of the Programmers.)
Programmer, Sound, and the other Designer credit are all unchanged between games. Sound, in particular, in not surprising: the games are nearly identical in that department. Power Rangers has two advisors, and has differing Special Thanks.

That was not as interesting as I had hoped!

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