Worms Armageddon

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Game Modes

Player created and enforced game modes (as desribed by 'shnozlak').

Pro Roper

Custom map: large center object and invisable barriers on all sides

  • Focus on rope tricks
  • must collect a crate and cross to both extremes of the map before you can attack, starting weapon(rope).

custom map: two identical bases, each team gets one cant cross the center divide, starting weapons vary, no jetpack or rope (ususally)


Must collect a crate to attack, no starting weapons, usually played on purpose built maps, infinite rope.


Entire map filled with dirt, must tunnel to attack, sometimes you only get the exploding mole weapon and maybe a grandma.


(Bazooka and grenade) Worms stationary on special maps, no 1 or 5 second grenades, no straight shots with the bazooka.

Rope race

get your 2 or 3 worms to the end of a maze first (made using custom map). No killing other worms

Boom race

get your worms to the end of a maze using explosions from weapons without dying from the ensuing damage. No attacking other worms.

Amazingly no-one ever seemed to troll these games. The best thing about worm-net was the gameplay lent itself to fair play. If someone was being a dick the 2-6 other players would get pissed and turn on him, killing all his worms and only his worms untill he was removed from play. It was also considered bad etiquette to kill a player's last worm if they were losing, so even a really green new player would typically have fun. Worm-net was the most fun, fairest online multi-player environment ever.

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