Otocky is a very early, music-focused, shooter by Toshio Iwai, released exclusively for the Famicom Disk System. It was released in 1987—the same year as another important generative music game To be on Top—and involves the player rescuing musical notes using a flying craft which plays a set note with each shot depending on which direction the player fires in. The shots are linked to the beat of the music, so each note matches and enhances the score. Different instruments are collected during play.

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The title ('otakki') is a less familiar (to people outside Japan) version of the word 'otaku', which in some parts of Japan has the same meaning in other parts a slightly different one.


The game comes in a big box with a nice thick book with colour illustrations. The woman on the box is Ozawa Natsuki, who became famous for her role in 'Hana no Asuka Gumi', and went on to do the typical idol things: release some albums, do some modelling.

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