Stunt Race FX

Stunt Race FX (known as Wild Trax in Japan) is an Super FX Chip powered polygonal 3-D racing game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


Unused tracks

You can use the following groups of PAR/Gameshark codes to hear the music in-game:

Song Location Codes
Unused track 1 Easy Ride 04D322D4 04D323E5 04D3241D
Track select menu 03F109D4 03F10AE5 03F10C1D 03F1278A 03F128A6 03F1241B
Unused track 2 Night Owl 04D32B01 04D32CC5 04D32D1E
Track select menu 03F10901 03F10AC5 03F10C1E 03F127F8 03F12885 03F1241B

See also


See also

1) This credit only appears in the PAL version
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