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Battle Series

Banpresto is well known for turning out dozens of anime-based games over the years, but one of their most productive lines died a quiet death in 1999 and is virtually unknown out of Japan: the “Battle” games, which prominently featured characters from the universes of Gundam, Ultraman and Kamen Rider. The first “Battle” game actually came out several months before the first entry in the more well-known Super Robot Wars series, and they certainly took off faster, with more than a dozen titles being produced (most likely with help from other developers) in the next five years.

A notable amount of the games were a sub-series of sorts: the Great Battle games, which commonly featured three protagonists (a Gundam, a Kamen Rider and an Ultraman) and were almost always-action based (whereas most of the regular Battle games were sports-based… with the Kunio-kun games). Somewhere along the line, an original fourth character was added: Roa, a blue-haired guy who seems to be quite handy with a gun.

Great Battle

Roa cameos: Battle Pinball, Battle Racers, Battle Soccer 2 (minor)

Plain Battle


Several other games released during the heyday of Battle seem to possibly be related, despite the lack of “Battle” in their titles. Among these are Gaia Saver and Hero Senki for SNES, as well as Versus Hero for Game Boy.

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