Fighters Destiny series

A series of two fighting games by Genki, for the Nintendo 64.

Identifying Elements


The Fighters Destiny games are 3-D fighters, mostly typical of their time: played mostly on a 2-D plane, with 3-D movement options; Tekken-like move strings; combos; counters; ring-outs; and so on. What makes the series memorable, and something that is yet to be mimicked (or built upon (unfortunately)) is how the matches' victors are decided. Differing amounts of points are awarded for ring-outs (1), throws (2), depleting the life bar (3), and performing counter attack, or special moves (4). Earning points restarts the round, a match being won when five points are won. The amount of points allocated can also be changed, as can the amount required for a win.


Most of the characters are shared between the two games, though some of their names change1)—see chart below.

Fighters Destiny Fighter Destiny 2 Notes
Abdul Abdul
Bob D-Dog
Boro Kate
NA Cherry
NA Dixon
NA Fabien
Joker NA
Leon Federico Swapped nationalities (Spanish to Italian)
NA Master
Meiling Meiling
Ninja Ninja
Pierre Pierre
Ryuji Saeki
NA Samurai
Tomahawk Zeige
Ushi Mou
Valerie Adriana Different character model; same moveset


Fighters Destiny

Fighter Destiny 2

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1) At least in the English version.
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