The Granstream Saga

An action RPG by Shade for the Sony PlayStation. Mostly interesting because the development team included a few chaps who worked for Quintet on the sorta-trilogy of Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma.

The Quintet Connection


The Japanese staff, according to Mobygames, are:

  • Ryoji Akagawa - Producer
  • Koji Yokota - Director, Game Design, Systems, Animation Sequences Director
  • Atsushi Nagashima - Production Director
  • Takafumi Fujisawa - Sound Director
  • Masamichi Seki - Sound Assistant Director
  • Takayuki Gotoh - Character Design
  • Rei Nakahara - Monster Design
  • Hiromasa Ogura - World Design
  • Tomoyoshi Miyazaki - Scenario
  • Masami Ohkubo - Scenario
    Ex-Quintet (Terranigma only).
  • Tohru Iwata - Programming & Tools
  • Shigeto Murata - Programming & Tools
  • Makoto Kuniyoshi - Programming & Tools
  • Hiroaki Gotoh - Programming & Tools
  • Yukio Takahashi - Programming & Tools
    Not ex-Quintet, but worked on some nice games!
  • Makoto Takahashi - CG Design, Modelling & Animation
  • Kazuyoshi Watanabe - CG Design, Modelling & Animation
  • Hisashi Yokota - CG Design, Modelling & Animation
  • Wataru Yanagawa - CG Design, Modelling & Animation
    Ex-Quintet (Terranigma only).
  • Masanori Hikichi - Music & Sound Effects
    Ex-Quintet (Terranigma only).
  • Miyoko Kobayashi - Music & Sound Effects
    Ex-Quintet (Terranigma only).
  • Takako Ochiai - Music & Sound Effects
    Ex-Quintet (Terranigma only).
  • Michiko Ogawa - Debug Manager
  • Yoshiko Furusawa - Trouble Shooter
  • Eiichi Abe - Title Logo Design
  • Akira Sato - Executive Producer


  • Lots of guys worked on Ghost in the Shell, Omega Boost, and other SCEI stuff. Akira Sato (Executive Producer) was a founding member of that group, so I guess he took a lot of the Shade people with him.
  • The significant Quintet people are the director Koji Yokota, the two scenario writers Tomoyoshi Miyazaki and Masami Ohkubo, and Terranigma's sound team Masanori Hikichi, Takako Ochiai, and Miyoko Kobayashi.

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