Windjammers, or Flying Power Disc, is a neogeo-ised version of Pong. The scene here is somewhat like 1-on-1 volleyball, though the ball is replaced with a Frisbee, and there are football-like goals at each end which are the most common way of scoring points.


A series of doujin games called Crazy Power Disc exist, though the flashier graphics, and smaller playfield, muddle the formula a bit.

There are currently two games on Steam Greenlight that certainly take this game as an influence: Gyrodisc Super League and to a slightly less explicit extent Icon: Disc Jam

  • Slap Shot - There are a few games with similar titles, but this arcade release is pretty similar to Battle Flip Shot, with an ice hockey coating. Well, it's air hockey, basically.



It's hard to find a page on the game that doesn't allege the game rips-off the sport 10-S1). It's also hard to find any rules or other mention of the sport 10-S.

See Also

1) sounds like tennis, get it
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