Mouse Lag

Looks like this issue has been fixedby the devs!

I had a lot of trouble with a really heavy feeling, laggy mouse.

The main things to do to address that are:

  • Limit your framerate to keep it consistent
  • Set 'maximum pre-rendered frames' to '1', though your graphics card's control panel (also a good thing to do for control lag in Ikaruga!)
  • Experiment with disabling effects.

Those are the rough steps, but you can find better info in the first post of this thread on the Steam forums: Big ol' PAYDAY2 mouse lag thread


Payday 2 Stats

A site that uses the PAYDAY2 Steam API to display a bunch of stats attached to whichever account is entered (as long as it's public), including:

  • Skills unlocked
  • Percentages data related to missions, completion, and difficultly.
  • Percentage data related to weapons, masks, and gadgets.

There are two address for the site, both are cannon, both have the same amount of characters:

Payday 2 Skills Calculator

A site for experimenting with player builds. You can set level and amount of money too.

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