Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a third-person shooter released on the XBox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The PC version, as well as associated DLC, can be grabbed for cheap round sale times on Steam.

The title

Forum member 'evnvnv' wrote:
'Of course we know Dog Days refers to the hottest days of the year, which in times past were also considered particularly disastrous and led to all sorts of bad behavior. They're called the dog days because they are the days when Sirius, the 'dog star', was closest to the sun, and this was believed to cause the hot weather.

The game takes place in China, and the logo has the name 伏天 under the two. That is the Chinese name for the hottest days of the year, which has a completely different cosmological explanation involving the progression of elements through the five phases and their relationships to one another and the traditional calendar (where each day is associated with different elements/phases). I'm not sure exactly how it works out, but it involves the metal phase retreating or submerging to avoid the fire phase, and so they are called 伏天, lit. 'days of concealment' or something like that, or 三伏 the three concealments, referring to the three phases of the period.

The crazy thing is even though these concepts have unrelated explanations, the “concealment” 伏 character is made up of the 人 radical, which is there basically just to help with organization and distinguish it from other characters, and the 犬 component, which means dog. Fucking weird.'


Dog Days' multiplayer is great (with friends). Particularly the 'undercover cop' mode, in which one player within the group of heisters is secretly given the role of cop, and to succeed must eliminate the criminals (once the crime has been committed), typically one-by-one, without arousing suspicion. It rules. Otherwise the basic structure of all modes is work together, grab the loot, kill the cops, and split. What always makes this interesting is the potential for backstabbing.

SB Dog Days

A lot of SB members are pretty keen on this game, and we have a Steam group for facilitating multiplayer games. Most members are keen to play whenever asked providing a reasonably sized group can be gathered.

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