Mahou Daisakusen

Name translates as “Great Magical War.”

Series of fantasy-themed shooters developed by Raizing. Heavily influenced by Compile's last entries in the Aleste series, which Raizing's founding employees were said to have had a hand in designing.

This would become Raizing's first shooter series. The four core characters from Mahou Daisakusen would also make “guest appearances” in at least two other Raizing shooters outside of the series; this makes quite a bit of sense, as they're rather compelling, even as shooter characters.

Core Series Characters

  • Gain, the Fighter
    • Insane wandering soldier “of unrivaled expertise”, usually accompanied by his pet monkey. In constant search of the “ultimate weapon.” His ship is Valhallyzer.
  • Chitta, the Sorceress
    • Hopelessly naive, disproportionately powerful sorceress. Her ship is Gun-Dalf (heh).
  • Miyamoto, the Samurai Dragon
    • Grim, honorable Samurai from the North Forest who's also (literally) a dragon. The only “serious” character, and the only one to remain through all three games in the series as a main character. Flies on his own, and appears onscreen to be about as large as the other characters' ships.
  • Bornnam, the Necromancer
    • Charmingly ugly old man scheming obscure madcap schemes, usually involving his experiments in necromancy. (A defiler of the dead has never been this wacky!) His “ship” is Golgodian, which seems to take the form of some sort of undead-ish creature.

Other Characters

Shippu Mahou Daisakusen

  • Nirvana, the Huge Fairy
    • Gigantic fairy in the race to look for a new home for her people (I think). About Miyamoto's size, and flies without need of a ship.
  • Kickle and Laycle
    • Two children from the future in the race to get a “hex” that will allow them to get back to their own time. Their ship is a modern-ish fighter named “Sorcer Striker” (HAH!)
  • Honest John, the Automatic Armor
    • Steam-powered flying robot built to represent his maker, a greedy blacksmith who wants to “live an easy life” with the race winnings. Also about Miyamoto's size, and likewise flies on his own.
  • Bul-Gin, Captain Goblin
    • Lone Goblin soldier on a quest to resurrect the Gobligan Empire after it was destroyed by the core characters in Mahou Daisakusen. His ship is Great Gobligan-S.

Daimahou Daisakusen

(Fill data in at some point)

Series History

Core Character Cameos in Other Raizing Games

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