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The podcast, conducted by members of the selectbutton forums, is based around the discussion of a weekly theme, though tangents are often audible.

Each episode is expertly mastered by forum member 'B coma', or 'Deets'. And the games mentioned in each episode are indexed by forum members 'Gorblax', and 'The Blueberry Hill', here.

Dates are formatted daft USA-style.

List of Episodes


# Title / Theme
78 Holiday Deathcast V: A Very Nuclear Winter (1/3/2017)
It's that time again! Ring in the apocalypse properly with the patent-pending Select Button Holiday Deathcast. If you make it to the end, sorry.
Panel: B_coma, Father.Torque, Felix, Godamn_Milkman, heavygear, HEAVYVIPER, notbov, shrug, and Rudie
And w/ special guest appearances by GlamGrimfire and the ghost of sleepysmiles.
79 Podcast Episode #79: Sing Swan Song (3/14/2017)
Wii Eulogy.
Panel: Doolittle, Godamn_Milkman, Felix, ronk, and VirtualClint aka Clint University Online.
80 Podcast Episode #80: Game Paradigm (4/1/2017)
Your host Dwight Rortugal leads you through a bold, hour long venture into the world of games and gamer culture, with the help of a few special friends.
ACT 1: EVERYONE'S GONE TO GITMO - An interview with the developer of the last Walking Sim ever made.
ACT 2: LET'S NAP - Let's Player Zachary Matthew is getting quite the reaction from his stream audience–it's just not the one he was anticpating. Onson Sweemey has the story.
ACT 3: A VIEW TO A HOG - Join Grecian Ares as he seeks to meld man and hog after playing the cult hit Nier.
ACT 4: GAMECUBE DREAMS AND CAPITALIST REGIMES - Correspondent Jern Jerlgonson goes deep undercover to work in a local Gamestop. Will he ever be the same again?
Panel: with your host Dwight Rortugal, featuring stories with Todd Bonzales, Raul Chamgerlain, Bobson Dugnutt, Onson Sweemey, Zachary Matthew, Chip and Zapp McDichael, Grecian Ares, and Jern Jerlgonson.
81 Podcast Episode #81: Labyrinthine Hellscape (4/25/2017)
This episode: another stab at vidcon dungeon experiences, sending us down the winding deathmaze we shan't escape. Click the “next” to learn about the Top 9 Ten Butt Dungeons.
Panel: bza, Father.Torque, felix, Godamn_Milkman, haley, shrug, and Tulpa.
82 Podcast Episode #82: Have You Seen My Audio Log? (6/13/2017)
To hell with E3, the podcast arrives over a month late to talk about a not-important article that's already been completely forgotten. Better yet, everyone shares their favorite storytelling techniques for interactive media. WORLD 'SCLUSIVE!
Panel: Godamn_Milkman, shrug, sleepysmiles, Birch and Tulpa.
83 Podcast Episode #83: Select Button After Dark: Live from SBCON 2107 (11/18/2017)
We discuss first and last video game memories in 60 minutes of endearing chaos, right at the start of our 2017 meet.
Alternate Episode Description:
Join us for this first leg of our compelling new ARG, in which we double-load NES carts to discover the true source of the Pez candy in a segment we like to call Jeff Minter’s The Tempest.
Panel: anothersphere, ArOne, B_coma, boojiboy7, brooks, BustedAstromech, CourierRice, Father.Torque, felix, gary, HOBO, km, meauxdal, physical, nocode, seiradeceba, shrug, spacetown, Tulpa, and wonder_momo.

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