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78 Holiday Deathcast V: A Very Nuclear Winter (1/3/2017)
It's that time again! Ring in the apocalypse properly with the patent-pending Select Button Holiday Deathcast. If you make it to the end, sorry.
Panel: B_coma, Father.Torque, Felix, Godamn_Milkman, heavygear, HEAVYVIPER, notbov, shrug, and Rudie
And w/ special guest appearances by GlamGrimfire and the ghost of sleepysmiles.
79 Podcast Episode #79: Sing Swan Song (3/14/2017)
Wii Eulogy.
Panel: Doolittle, Godamn_Milkman, Felix, ronk, and VirtualClint aka Clint University Online.
80 Podcast Episode #80: Game Paradigm (4/1/2017)
Your host Dwight Rortugal leads you through a bold, hour long venture into the world of games and gamer culture, with the help of a few special friends.
ACT 1: EVERYONE'S GONE TO GITMO - An interview with the developer of the last Walking Sim ever made.
ACT 2: LET'S NAP - Let's Player Zachary Matthew is getting quite the reaction from his stream audience–it's just not the one he was anticpating. Onson Sweemey has the story.
ACT 3: A VIEW TO A HOG - Join Grecian Ares as he seeks to meld man and hog after playing the cult hit Nier.
ACT 4: GAMECUBE DREAMS AND CAPITALIST REGIMES - Correspondent Jern Jerlgonson goes deep undercover to work in a local Gamestop. Will he ever be the same again?
Panel: with your host Dwight Rortugal, featuring stories with Todd Bonzales, Raul Chamgerlain, Bobson Dugnutt, Onson Sweemey, Zachary Matthew, Chip and Zapp McDichael, Grecian Ares, and Jern Jerlgonson.
81 Podcast Episode #81: Labyrinthine Hellscape (4/25/2017)
This episode: another stab at vidcon dungeon experiences, sending us down the winding deathmaze we shan't escape. Click the “next” to learn about the Top 9 Ten Butt Dungeons.
Panel: bza, Father.Torque, felix, Godamn_Milkman, haley, shrug, and Tulpa.
82 Podcast Episode #82: Have You Seen My Audio Log? (6/13/2017)
To hell with E3, the podcast arrives over a month late to talk about a not-important article that's already been completely forgotten. Better yet, everyone shares their favorite storytelling techniques for interactive media. WORLD 'SCLUSIVE!
Panel: Godamn_Milkman, shrug, sleepysmiles, Birch and Tulpa.
83 Podcast Episode #83: Select Button After Dark: Live from SBCON 2107 (11/18/2017)
We discuss first and last video game memories in 60 minutes of endearing chaos, right at the start of our 2017 meet.
Alternate Episode Description:
Join us for this first leg of our compelling new ARG, in which we double-load NES carts to discover the true source of the Pez candy in a segment we like to call Jeff Minter’s The Tempest.
Panel: anothersphere, ArOne, B_coma, boojiboy7, brooks, BustedAstromech, CourierRice, Father.Torque, felix, gary, HOBO, km, meauxdal, physical, nocode, seiradeceba, shrug, spacetown, Tulpa, and wonder_momo.

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