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66 Countryside Romp & Stomp (2/15/2014)
A bit different from our last mech-related podcast, here. This episode we talk about games that nail the feeling of being at the controls of a giant, massive, sludgy, hulking machine. We also talk about a bunch of games that don't feel at all like that! There's also an excellent tangent about the downhill slide avalanche that is the Xeno series. Don't miss it!
Panel: Felix, Ni Go Zero Ichi, secret character, and Wall of Beef
67 Now and Then (3/11/2014)
We take break from THE LATEST IN GAMES COVERAGE for a retrospective. We reflect on the inception of our own website, do a bit of introspection on where we were as a community circa 2006, and where we've come since then. All of this leads to some pretty serious revelations about The Drunken Samurai. Um no really!
Panel: adilegian, boojiboy7, diplo, Felix, Schwere Viper and Tokyo Rude
68 Shoot, Date, Hack, Save the Galaxy (6/12/2014)
The Mass Effect Episode. We take a look back at BioWare's space-opera superman date sim killstravaganza for some memories, some laughs, and a very timely review of Bethesda's Daggerfall. Get on your space boxer-briefs and get listenin'.
Panel: cubalibre, glam grimfire, DJ, felix, and Tulpa
69 Nontradiional Holds (11/03/2014)
We return to talk about all sorts of input devices and their influence on gaming; d-pads, shoulder buttons, triggers, motion wands and piles of Atari Joysticks that are all slightly different from each other. We also talk about that various ways that we've worked against controllers in order to secure victory in games and the destruction that ensued. Enjoy!
Panel: Felix, Laurel Soup, MattCD42, Texican Rude, and wall of beef

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