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58 Arcade Story (1/16/2013)
This episode forum superfriends Renfrew, glitch, and Schwere Viper swap stories about their arcade experiences over the years. Glitch talks about the arcade that's inside of the building where she works, Schwere Viper recalls with frightening accuracy the machines available at his childhood arcade near a laundromat that closed in 1995, and, should you ever find yourself awake in Haneda Airport after a blackout, Renfrew provides easy to understand turn-by-turn directions to Japan's h0ttest UFO catchers.
Bonus: learn about the untimely fate of Renfrew's super-sweet Soul Calibur poster.
Panel: glitch, Renfrew, and Schwere Viper
59 Holiday Deathcast III: SNOWED IN (1/31/2013)
A wonderful (and tardy) SB tradition. We talk about Ubisoft's subtle pro-life agenda, shrug's unsubtle date-life agenda, copyright law, and games that received lower scores than Godhand on
Oh and something about infants in videogames something something.
Panel: adilegian, cubalibre, diplo, felix, Lainer, Renfrew, and shrug
60 Gotta Go Fast (3/2/2013)
This episode the assembled gang talks about speedrunning, the speedrunning community, this years Awesome Games Done Quick, glitches, Dino Crisis 2, and get to the bottom of why anyone would want to speedrun a 4 disc RPG.
Panel: Apol, esc, geinou, nothingxs, Rei, and the unflappable Schwere Viper
61 DOS Amigos (5/8/2013)
Our DOS gaming podcast. We talk about discovering games through our local BBSes, shareware, figuring out X-COM sans manual, wardialing, John Draper in my car and the influence of ZZT on the custom content editors that come packaged with PC games to this day.
Panel: Adilegian, Apol, B coma, bleak, esq, felix, Rei, and remote
62 I Can't Use That Here (6/7/2013)
Also, I can't use these two things together.
This week, adventure games: the golden era, the decline of the golden era, and the resurgence in the form of recent Telltale titles.
But did they ever really disappear to begin with? The panel explores wide appeal of the genre, branching path design that we'll never see again, and come to a solid conclusion on what is *definitively* the worst adventure game puzzle of all time.
…alright, I'll be straight with you. We run out of steam 25 minutes in and throw in a mirror maze to pad out the length. Enjoy!
Panel: cubalibre, esq, gary oldman dwarfism, lainer, and remote
63 What Goes Up (7/19/2013)
Before we got accustomed to pressing a button to duck behind things in dang near everything, jumping was the most common verb in gaming. We explore it in depth: double jumps, triple jumps, floaty jumps, fatal jumps, first person jumps, useless jumps, wall jumps, rocket jumps, and heck, why we jump at all.
Panel: cubalibre, deets, esc, diplo, felix, MattCD42, notbov, and Toptube
64 9.9.99 (11/5/2013)
Slightly overdue podcast returns in a hilarious special episode where Sonic has a misunderstanding at the office, Ryo gets in trouble with the principal (again) and Uncle Sega bets it ALL ON BLUE. Tune in for nearly three hours of tears on the 13 birthday of the Dreamcast!
Panel: deets. felix, Persona, Renfrew, Schwere Viper, Texican Rude, and Wall of Beef
65 Rear Shield Adjustment (12/1/2013)
Fashionably late podcast returns to discover that that actual flying in space is pretty flippin' complicated, it turns out. So in our space sim episode we talk about which games draw the line between fun and outright simulation. We also talk about people who have a dangerous interest in EVE Online, the influence of Star Wars in pretty much every space dogfighting game, Wing Commander, and why no game has really given you the feeling of being on the bridge in Star Trek. Something something Colony Wars!
Panel: bza, cubalibre, felix, flylighter, gary oldman dwarfism, GrimmSweeper, Lainer, Oh God Spiders No, Takashi, and Wall of Beef

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