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1 Seasons in Videogames (10/29/2009)
In the first “official” episode, the forum tries their damnedest to discuss seasons in videogames, but talk about Dead Rising and Zelda instead.
Panel: diplo, P1d40n3, Renfrew, Toto
2 Fighting Words (11/03/2009)
This week the forum gets confrontational when the focus shifts to fighting games. In this episode: revelations about Tekken 6, accessibility in fighting games, and an exclusive segment: THE ULTIMATE Q STRATEGY.
Panel: Deets, Jack Klugman, Jaihson, negativedge, P1d40n3
3 The Magic is Gone (11/11/2009)
In this episode our intrepid panel reminisces about what it was like to play past the point of fun, and what it meant to walk away from the game in the eleventh hour.
Panel: Deets, DonMarco, P1d40n3, Rudie, Schwere Viper, shrugtheironteacup
4 Games in Other Media (11/16/2009)
Another life-affirming episode. This week's topic: games in other media. Listen for a detailed examination of the way games and gamers are portrayed in movies, television, and printed images.
Panel: diplo, P1d40n3, robotdell, Sketch, Take it Sleazy
5 Nightmare Games (11/26/2009)
This week the panel mulls over nightmare games, clearly unprepared for the awesome terror of Gackt. A useful discussion that contains the definition of a “nightmare game”, and why nightmares and video games might not always be the best bedfellows!
Panel: CubaLibre, diplo, P1d40n3, robotdell, SchwereViper
6 Hey! Listen! (12/03/2009)
In this episode: a general dissemination of sound design in video games. Topics include how music enhances games (beyond superficial levels), the challenges of creating appropriate soundtracks in the medium, and why technical limitations aren't necessarily a bad thing.
Panel: B coma, CubaLibre, diplo
7 Holiday Deathcast (12/24/2009)
This week our panel pulls apart death, and its role in gaming. Is death an outmoded concept, a carry-over from the days of credit-eating yore? Can the death mechanic actually be expanded to mean something more than an abstract tally of lives and checkpoint markers? Does the player ever stop to think about the thousands of orphans they're creating during a single stage in Dynasty Warriors 6?
Panel: CubaLibre, shrugtheironteacup, Take it Sleazy

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