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71 Holiday Deathcast IV (1/1/2016)
There was a podcast here, now there's just a note that reads “tell my family and friends that I loved them”?
Panel: B_coma, Father.Torque (aka Cuba Libre), Felix, HEAVYVIPER, Persona, Rudie, and The_Blueberry_Hill
Tough but fair.
Panel: Brad Coma, Marcus Penix, D-Lo, Godum Melkman, Total Rude — The Rude Gamer, aka TRTRG, Little Gary, HAROLD SHOOTSMAN and $HRuG da CuP
73 Rural Games (8/10/2016)
Forum members wake themselves from last episode's fever dream and commit to a brand new hangover as we talk about games that are set primarily in rural locations or employ rural locations in their narratives. This does not stop shrug from going “hog wild”.
Panel: adol, Doolittle, Father.Torque, Felix, Haley, shrug, sleepysmiles, ToruMasuda, and Tulpa
74 Open-World Wonderland (8/26/2016)
We discuss games that have theme park style designs — whether done overtly (Super Mario Sunshine) or through a lack of cohesion in setting (many 16-bit era platformers).
Also, Cool Spot 4 Life/Avoid the Noid!
Panel: Godamn_Milkman, GrimGlamfire, HEAVYVIPER, shrug, and Tulpa
75 The Super Select Button Podcast (9/8/2016)
The SNES Episode.
Panel: adol, GlamGrimfire, Father.Torque, godamn_milkman, tiburon, wonder_momo
76 The Select Button Podcast 64 (10/28/2016)
The N64 Episode.
Panel: american2004, Felix, GlamGrimfire, notbov, sleepysmiles, Rudie, VirtualClint
77 If I Had a Rocket Launcher (11/14/2016)
The Bungie Episode.
Panel: boojiboy7, Doolittle, GlamGrimfire, Godamn_Milkman, Sakurina, shrug, tiburon

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