A series of software released for consoles for the creation of shooters. Included are tools for drawing graphics, making 3D models (in some cases), arranging music, and so on. They all come with example games, which are called 'usergames' in Dezaemon jargon.


  1. 1991 - Dezaemon (Famicom)
    1. 1994 - Dezaemon (Super Famicom)
      1. 1996 - Dezaemon Plus (PlayStation)
  2. 1997 - Dezaemon 2 (Sega Saturn)
  3. 1998 - Dezaemon Kids! (PlayStation)
  4. 1998 - Dezaemon 3D (N64)
    1. unreleased - Dezaemon DD (64DD)

Dezaemon (Famicom)

An English translation patch is available at Aeon Genesis.

Dezaemon (Super Famicom)

Though it's treated as an update to the Famicom version, it's more like an overhaul. There's only one sample game: Daioh Gale. There are three known Satellaview releases1):

An English translation patch is available at Aeon Genesis.

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Dezaemon Plus

The only version officially released in English, and now available on the PSN. Mostly it's just a nice update of the SFC version—itself an update of the original Famicom release.

Dezaemon 2

Inclded games are: Bio Metal Gust, Ramsie, Daioh P!, Vexsarsion, Elfin. The last two are accessed by pressing 'Start' when the game you want to play appears in the intro demo, then selecting the 'U' option.

Dezaemon Kids!

Was rereleased in 2000 as a part of the SuperLite 1500 range. I'm unsure if the SuperLite version comes with the bonus disc—which includes (at least) one-hundred games made with the program.

Dezaemon 3D

A hidden game, Ramsie, can be played by doing the following:

Trading Usergames

Dezaemon 3D, unfortunately, is not controller pak compatible. To trade usergames one must use an Action Replay to transfer the SRAM data to a controller pak, then a DexDrive to get that information into a computer.

Dezaemon DD

Unreleased, though a beta recently surfaced.


effect on other vidcons

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1) Exact names are unclear to me - Blueberry
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