Scirra's Construct is somewhat like a freeware version of Clickteam's products. With too much pixel shader stuff added, that most games you will find use far too much of. Before the program reached version 1 the not-free, HTML 5 focused, Construct 2 was announced, and preview builds are available from the Scirra forums. Construct (1) has since been renamed Construct Classic, and development opened up to the community, whatever that means.

For people that don't quite click with Game Maker it is, already, a good alternative to the Clickteam software line, especially if you know enough C++ to make your own plug-ins. There is also some rudimentary 3D support.

Notable plug-ins, and add-ons

  • BulletML - By 'Luomo'
    • Kenta Cho's bullet pattern designing language, for Construct.
  • PC Speaker - By 'Dataflashsabot'
    • Random dungeon generator, based on Jamis Buck's DND-Dungeon.
    • Easy sprite colour flashing.
  • IK Solver - By Chris Hackman
    • Great plug-in for making 'bones' easier to work with.
  • Command Line - By Chris Hackman
    • Another useful plug-in from Chris Hackmann (IK Solver). Allows access to arguments passed to a program on launch.
  • Orbiter Behaviour - By Chris Hackman
    • Takes the maths out of make one object orbit another.
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