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Clickteam has been releasing easy to use game development software since 1994's Klik & Play. All of their releases function in a similar manner: games are created without coding, but by placing graphics in a WYSIWYG fashion in the level editor, and selecting from and modifying events in the event editor. They all come packaged with graphic and sonic resources, an image editor, and externally created resource importing.

Clickteam also a have a few other related programs, such as Install Creator, and Patch Maker.


The programs exist in two strands: Klik & Play / The Games Factory, and Click & Create / Multimedia Fusion. The later having a more general, that is a non game-specific, focus. That means very little for the game designer, though. Multimedia Fusion 2 still being the most useful release.

Klik & Play

Klik & Play is a buggy, Windows 3.1, glorious mess of a program. Games must be single screen, sometimes the maths works wrong, monitor resolution can not be changed, and the included sounds and graphics are now iconic (and can now be ripped using KNPUtil).

Klik & Play for Schools

A free version, for education purposes.


A suite of tools by Jeremy Penner. KNPExtract: for extracting resources from KNP games to standard formats. KNPGen: for generating images from those resources. KNPMangle: for swapping resources between games, with amazing and disastrous results.


You Must Glitch To Beat This Game

A game where progress depends on exploiting all known KNP platform movement glitches.

Click & Create

Multimedia Fusion Express

Basically just a renaming/branding after the release of Multimedia Fusion.

The Games Factory

The Games Factory Pro

Multimedia Fusion

Multimedia Fusion 1.2

Multimedia Fusion 1.5

Multimedia Fusion Pro

The Games Factory 2

The Games Factory 2: Newgrounds Edition

A free version which only outputs games to the Newgrounds Flash game portal. The only feature lacking is MIDI support, so you'll have to convert anything you want to use to a .WAV file first. Porting games made in Klik & Play will introduce other issues FIXME

Multimedia Fusion 2

Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer

Selected Games


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