MapMaker is the title of the map building tools included with Free Radical's (now Crytek UK) TimeSplitters series of games, released for the PS2, Nintendo GameCube, and XBox. MapMaker is a simple, grid-based design tool. There are a low number of themes (though the first version works a bit differently), but using the comprehensive lighting tool (each tile can be lit differently, including different colours, and strobing rates) a reasonable variety of looks can be produced.


An interesting feature of the first TimeSplitters game's MapMaker is that up to five items can be placed on a tile. Otherwise, all works pretty similar to in the other games.

Map themes: Industrial, Gothic, Virtual, Alien, Spaceport.

TimeSplitters 2

TimeSplitters 2's MapMaker major addition is the option of creating single player, story mode, maps. The Gamecube version has some issues (bugs relating to music, and door placement). Though maps are not able to be traded online, there was a community of dedicated memory card swappers, and software for map cartography, allowing designs to be distributed and reconstructed.

Map themes: Victorian, Industrial, Alien, Virtual.1)

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

In TimeSplitters: Future Perfect you are able to remove the ceilings of tiles, so you can see the sky, which can have a few different weather effects. Tiles can also have decorations, including barriers, and paintings. Future Perfect added vehicles, which can be used with the MapMaker. Assault mode maps are able to be created, now.

Future Perfect maps were able to be traded through the Internet, but EA's servers are long shut down.

Map themes: Military, Lab, Egyptian, Horror, Virtual.

1) There is a Gothic theme that was scrapped. It can be accessed in the Gamecube version with an Action Replay
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