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sb selectbutton community sb:podcast:titlescreen
game individual games game:aussie_rules_footy
character in/animate icons character:kuroko
people programmers people:steve_moraff
company publishers company:lightweight
hardware game machines hardware:snes
Abstract Interplay
genre interactive categorization genre:bubble_bobb-l-ikes
pattern common structures pattern:geometric_attacks
theme common subjects theme:internal_conflict
theory critique & analysis theory:fourth_wall
Supplemental Material
literature further reading literature:titlescreen
strategy ludic lodestar strategy:where_we_remain
software non-game intangibles software:construct
homebrew flashcard swapdisk homebrew:xbox


  • Learn the syntax and fool around in the playground.
  • Please use namespaces when writing new articles, as collected above.
  • Begin articles with a readable title in a heading. E.g, game:ms_pacman should start with ======Ms. Pacman======
  • Upload figures to the fig: namespace, preferably under a sub-namespace for the article. E.g., one figure for theme:internal_conflict is named fig:internal_conflict:microsurgeon-top.gif.

How to Contribute

Want to help with the wiki, but unsure where to start?

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