Boss Battle Terminology

  • Reflecting Projectiles - the boss's projectile must be thrown, deflected or lured toward the boss to damage it. Possibly considered popular due to often constituting a non-aggressive counterattack on the part of the player-character.
  • Shield Generators - the weak spot is completely protected by a barrier which can only be destroyed by damaging one or more Weak Spots external to the boss. Different from swarm boss.. in that the shield's Weak Spots are not autonomous. Different from Arena Weak Spot in that destroying the shield does not harm the boss.
  • Swarm Barrier - the weak spot is surrounded by drones. Destroying or evading the drones is necessary to attack the weak spot, but complete elimination is either unnecessary or impossible.
  • Flinch - after receiving a single hit of damage, the boss becomes momentarily immune to damage. This nullifies the effect of splash weapons, which usually deal several hits per second. A flinching boss cannot receive hits at a greater rate than what their flinch period allows.
  • Discrete Damage - the boss is overwhelmed not by strength of attacks, but by quantity of attacks. Every attack dealt to the boss does about equal damage. Such bosses nearly always Flinch, and nearly always have low HP (often expressed in counter form as a row of icons).
  • Continuous Damage - the boss receives damage at variable rates depending on strength and quantity of attacks, and often never flinches. Often its weak spot is always revealed.
  • Finishing Blow - the battle does not advance once the boss's HP is extinguished. You must use a different attack or hit a different weak spot to proceed.
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