Kenji Eno

Kenji Eno (May 5th 1970 – February 20th 2013) was a videogame designer and musician, known particularly for the adventure/horror/… games D, D2, and Enemy Zero, and his ability to stay a normal and cool chap in an industry of cocksuckers.


Eno began working on videogames as a musician in the Famicom era, for the company Interlink. In 1989 he founded EIM (Entertainment Imagination and Magnificence), but remained unsatisfied by its lack of independence. In 1994, after a couple of years break, he founded Warp, initially focusing on developing for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, then Sony PlayStation, then Saturn after a falling out with Sony. Warp closed after the release of D2 in the year 2000. With FYTO (From Yellow to Orange) he created on more game, You and Me and the Cubes (2009), and completed some contract work with Fieldsystem. On February 20th 2013, at the age of 42, Kenji Eno died of a heart attack.

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