3DO Interactive Multiplayer

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Prototypes, Concept drawings, and Artist's Impressions


An interesting aspect of the 3DO hardware is that it was licensed out to other manufacturers. Though this happens with other systems—eg: some Mega Drive and Famicom models—those were most alternative versions, with different features to the standard model. In the 3DOs case they were all manufactured to specifications set by a non-hardware manufacturing company (The 3DO Company), much like other consumer electronics.

Panasonic FZ-1 R.E.A.L. 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

Panasonic FZ-10 R.E.A.L. 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

Sanyo TRY 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

Goldstar 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

Creative 3DO Blaster


The low popularity of the 3DO explains the limited emulation interest. Your only option is the developing fDO, which is based on the source code to the original 3DO emulator FreeDO.

Last updated: October 22nd, 2011

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