Hitoshi Sakimoto

Hitoshi Sakimoto (Feb. 26, 1969) is a self-employed videogame musician, although he has also been responsible for scoring several anime series. The soundtrack for Final Fantasy Tactics remains his most cited project. Sakimoto can primarily be identified through an orchestral mode of writing. Excepting rare cases, his pieces are executed via synthetic instrumentation. Though the number of Sakimoto's total works is staggering and ongoing, he is a less recognized name in the sphere of vg-composers. A common complaint is that his compositions are “unmemorable.” Though this is certainly a debatable (and interesting) point, it is true that Sakimoto's style is antilyrical. Whereas, say, Nobuo Uematsu's compositions have a strong reliance on the voice of a melody, and are thus lent a more effortless recitable quality, Sakimoto's compositions focus on harmonic language, and the melodies that are present often have unusual or large intervals. For example, Vagrant Story's soundtrack has predominant usage of a whole tone scale.

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