Box Puzzle

The *box puzzle* is a generic name for a puzzle that involves moving blocks, boxes, rocks, or the like to achieve a goal. It has been present in games on almost every system and in multiple genres. Oftentimes, solving a block puzzle is crucial to completing the game, case-in-point Resident Evil.

The odd thing about block puzzles is that regardless of the contents and make of the block, it can hide the player completely. The block is usually easy to move, and can sometimes be mounted or hid under (see Metal Gear Solid).

There are a few games which consist almost entirely of box puzzles, such as The Adventures of Lolo for Famicom and Blockman for the TI-83 Calculator. The most famous of box puzzles is Sokoban.


Box Barriers

The player must move a box to a certain position (e.g., in front of a laser) to create a barrier between themself and the puzzle factor. An example of this is moving a boulder to block the line of sight of the arrow shooting masks in Yobi's Basic Spelling Tricks. In Alone in the Dark, a bookshelf may also be used to block a window, and a chest to block a hatch, preventing enemies from spawning.

Box Mounts

The player must move a box to a certain position in order to mount it and reach an object or another position. This is the primary use of boxes in Capcom's Biohazard series. Sometimes using a box in said situation is unnecessary in the real world (why not just climb up?), but the box is used as a subconcious homage to Sokoban.

Almost, but not quite

  • Mega Man X3 - Some crates require a carrier or upgraded buster to destroy.
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