Block Puzzles

Block Puzzles are puzzle games where a player is given the task of stacking or reordering blocks in order to eliminate them. These games are driven heavily by the players desire for a high score. Methods of elimination vary by game; some require a full horizontal line of blocks be created, some require a certain number of colored blocks be placed adjacent one another, which can be horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Some games only require those pieces be touching, as long as the number requirement is met.

There are two major types of Block Puzzles:

  • Stacking Puzzles involve stacking pieces with the object of eliminating several blocks or a whole line of blocks. These types usually start with an open playng field.
  • Shifting Puzzles involve switching the places of two adjacent blocks to align and eliminate blocks from the field. These types start with a playing field filled either partially or completely with blocks. A popular subset is the match 3 game.

Objectives vary; some games require you to clear the field in order to progress, some require a certain number of eliminations, some really have no progression other than dropping more blocks.

Needed info:

  • Origin information—was Tetris the first block puzzle game?
  • Full breakdown of the subtypes of block puzzles

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