also known as: Volfiers; Qixsimile; Galsclones; Qix-Qats; Qixotes

A Qix-alike is a videogame where a player must 'claim' are area of the screen (playfield) by containing it within a drawn shape. Sides of this shape will consist of the border of the playfield, and/or shapes drawn previously. There will be a large (boss) enemy moving around the unclaimed space who will damage a player if it touches an in-progress line; as well as enemies who travel along the finished lines, who will damage a player on collision. Once a set percentage (75% in standard Qix) of the playfield is claimed a new new level begins, and difficulty increases by the variance of factors such as boss speed, type, and quantity; location of powerups; background image, and so on.

Popular variations have the claimed areas revealing an image, which is factored into progression and scoring mechanics to various degrees; and sometimes bonus points, and powerups (speed increases, ability to shoot, shields, and so forth).






(Ordered chronologically)

  • Qix / Stix / Qiks
  • TT Qix
  • Qix II
  • Super Qix
  • Volfied / Ultimate Qix / Qix Neo
  • Twin Qix (unreleased)
  • Qix Adventure
  • Qix ++
  • Battle Qix


Porn-themed Qix clones, where the incentive to clear each screen is to expose the naked girl underneath. Most of these share common characteristics, such as altered photos of people like Saddam Hussein and Arnold Schwarzenegger used to represent the player, and a bizarre “TURN” feature that replaces the girl with an ugly monster or gory scene if the player performs poorly.

  • Gals Panic (series)
  • Gal Pani X
  • Fantasia (series)
  • Fantasy 95
  • Lady Killer
  • Lady Love
  • Lovely Girls
  • Miss World '96 Nude
  • Paradise
  • Perestroika Girls
  • Party Time: Gonta The Diver II
  • SeXoniX


A lot of the titles in this section are cheap, Popcap-style, games churned out for the 'casual' market. Many are playable online, via an Internet browser. 1)

  • 4KQix
  • Air Xonix*
  • BurnBall
  • Cartoon Xionix
  • Cosmo Bots
  • Cosmic Bugs
  • Cubix
  • Discovera (series)
  • Erix
  • Fill It!
  • Fortix (series)
  • Ground Keeper
  • KBounce
  • LawnMower
  • Lightfish
  • LightFlight
  • Lineum
  • OneFrog Xonix*
  • Pacxon
  • Painter
  • Panic Street (non-lewd Gals Panic.
  • Space Xonix*+
  • Space Xonix*+
  • Silk
  • Spider Web
  • TPXonix
  • Urbanix
  • Water Bugs
  • Xonix
  • Zoid

*Not officially related to Xonix +Yes!, there are two unrelated games called Space Xonix. One from 2002, one from 2015 (and it's on Steam)

As minigame

  • Bully
  • Dinosaur Dig

Close Enough

These games are really similar to Qix-alikes, with the exception that there is a grid on the playing field, and the player can only move along the lines of the grid, and only capture the squares that the grid forms.

  • Amidar (Came out the same year, probably not inspired by)
  • Dancing Eyes (Also counts as Lewd, but to a much lesser degree than most of the games listed there.)
  • Zoom!

Closish Enough

Structured differently, but take some mechanical inspiration.

  • Filler (play)
  • Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon - an interesting adaption on the Qix model.

See Also

1) I'm half inclined not to include them, for all the mess it makes.
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