graphic Battlantis The recurring mini-boss is sometimes armed with this.
graphic Boomerang Kid notes
graphic Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7 Devils The Black Wing weapon is a boomerang / bunch of boomerangs
graphic Darksiders notes
graphic Dark Sector The main weapon, the 'glaive' (which also appears in the game Warframe.
graphic Earth Overclocked notes
Ever Oasis A returning bolas.
graphic Firefall Electron character, 'boomerang shot' attack
graphic The Legend of Zelda At least one boomerang in almost every game since the first.
skeleton Boomerang
graphic Slinki notes
graphic Tera notes
graphic Terraria notes
graphic Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 41) notes
graphic Warframe Four returning weapons in game.
graphic Willy Wombat Used as weapon and item collector.

CAC Boomerang

An Australian made and flown World War II plane. Of course it appears in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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