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Intriguing incentives for the intrepid, itinerant investigator.


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Cave Story Curly's Underwear “Retreived from beind the wall. Yellow-green panties with a cute little insignia. They have no use.”
dqii_dangerous_swimsuit.jpg Dragon Quest II1) Dangerous Swimsuit
Dragon Quest VIII Boxer Shorts, Bunny Suit, Dangerous Bustier, Divine Bustier, Fishnet Stockings, Garter, Magic Bikini, Silk Bustier (pictured) all accessories/armour above can be equipped on Jessica (except Yangus' Boxer Shorts); a handful of them change Jessica's appearance when equipped.
Final Fantasy VII (Tifa's) Orthopedic Underwear The image shownis only present in the PAL version of the game; the item exists in all versions.
Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords
Clothing “These are simple garments that protect little more than the modesty of the wearer.”

La-Mulana Skimpy Swimsuit
Metroid Swimsuit visible when codes remove Samus' “Power Suit”
LeChuck's Revenge - Monkey Island 2 Pearly-White Bra
Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 3 High-cut Armor, Maid Outfit, Spiked Bra, Pink Bikini, etc.
Shining Force Kitui Huku, Sugoi Mizugi A tight-fitting dress for Anri and a bikini for Tao; changes battlefield appearance when equipped.
1) MSX version only
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