Techno Soleil

techno.jpgTechno Soleil was a Japanese game developer and publisher active between 1996 and 2000. Very little is known about them or their staff, and they do not appear to have formed from another company. Aside from three PC bishoujo eroges released in 2000, they developed exclusively for the Playstation. Techno Soleil is best remembered for the scrolling shooter GaiaSeed: Project Seed Trap, noted for its abstract, lo-fi visuals and amazing Xacs Ishikawa soundtrack. Three of their games have been released by Monkey Paw on the American PSN Store: GaiaSeed, The Rapid Angel, and Tall Unlimited.


  1. GaiaSeed - Project Seed Trap - released 12/13/96
  2. Tall Unlimited - released 12/22/99 (publisher - developed by Open Sesame)
  3. Tall Twins Tower - released 11/02/00 (publisher - developed by Open Sesame)


  1. Nakushi na Jikan e - released 06/30/00
  2. MaYA: Madoro Mishima No Nemuri Hime - released 08/25/00
  3. Maestro - released 10/27/00
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