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Crazy Games

Crazy Games was a Japanese game developer active between 1999 and 2000. They were originally known as Climax Graphics, but changed their name to avoid confusion with Climax Entertainment and Climax Group. Coincidentally (or not?), their late producer and writer Shinya Nishigaki had previously worked on Climax Group's Landstalker. Both of their games were released only on the Dreamcast. It took some time for them to find their groove: Blue Stinger is a sluggish Resident Evil clone of questionable quality, but Illbleed is regarded as an unsung classic and a considerable artistic achievement. Prior to Nishigaki's fatal heart attack and the company's dissolution, they were working on Xbox ports of both these games with the developer Cool Cool.

They seem to have had an influence on Access Games, whose games are similar in tone, structure and subject matter.


  1. Blue Stinger - released 03/25/99
  2. Illbleed - released 03/29/01


  1. Illbleed (Xbox version)


There was a limited edition of Illbleed only available with preorders in Japan that included a figure of Eriko Christy, the main character. This item is impossible to find nowadays.

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