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the_blueberry_hill Notes about uses in improvisation, with link to an example of mine.
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   ***//​ToneMatrix Improvisation 001//**, by 'The Blueberry Hill'​\\ [[http://​soundcloud.com/​ryliejamesthomas/​tonematrix-improvisation-001]]   ***//​ToneMatrix Improvisation 001//**, by 'The Blueberry Hill'​\\ [[http://​soundcloud.com/​ryliejamesthomas/​tonematrix-improvisation-001]]
 +  ***//GT Demo//**, by 'The Blueberry Hill'​\\ [[http://​tonematrix.audiotool.com/​_/​140o.g.100g.0.40.1000.1g0.g4.10g0.8o0.80.490.|140o.g.100g.0.40.1000.1g0.g4.10g0.8o0.80.490.]]
 =====See also===== =====See also=====
   * [[http://​lab.andre-michelle.com/​tonematrix|ToneMatrix]] - Play with ToneMatrix.   * [[http://​lab.andre-michelle.com/​tonematrix|ToneMatrix]] - Play with ToneMatrix.
 +  * [[http://​www.kongregate.com/​games/​IcyLime/​pictune|PicTune]] - A guessing-game based around a similar idea.
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