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 It will be included in [[http://​www.saltybet.com/​|Salty Bet]]! It will be included in [[http://​www.saltybet.com/​|Salty Bet]]!
 +=====Custom Characters=====
 +====Lemeza Kosugi====
 +A version of [[character:​Lemeza Kosugi]], the protagonist of //[[game:La Mulana]]//, made by the game's developers.
 +  * [[http://​goo.gl/​g5MNYx]] (link from the Playism page).
 +=====See Also=====
 +  * [[http://​ef-12.com/​|ef-12.com]] (Japanese)
 +  * [[http://​playism-games.com/​games/​ef12/​|EF-12]] on Playism.
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