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   *[[dos|Recommended Microsoft DOS Games]]   *[[dos|Recommended Microsoft DOS Games]]
   *[[windows|Recommended Microsoft Windows Games]]   *[[windows|Recommended Microsoft Windows Games]]
   *[[xbox|Recommended Xbox Games]]   *[[xbox|Recommended Xbox Games]]
   *[[xbox360|Recommended Xbox360 Games]]   *[[xbox360|Recommended Xbox360 Games]]
   *[[xbone|Recommended Xbox One Games]]   *[[xbone|Recommended Xbox One Games]]
   *[[xbla|Recommended Xbox Live Arcade Games]]   *[[xbla|Recommended Xbox Live Arcade Games]]
   *[[xbla_indies|Recommended Xbox Live Arcade Indie Games]]   *[[xbla_indies|Recommended Xbox Live Arcade Indie Games]]
Line 69: Line 71:
   *[[wii|Recommended Wii Games]]   *[[wii|Recommended Wii Games]]
   *[[wii_u|Recommended Wii U Games]]   *[[wii_u|Recommended Wii U Games]]
 +  *[[switch|Recommended Switch Games]]
   *[[gameboy|Recommended Game Boy Games]]   *[[gameboy|Recommended Game Boy Games]]
   *[[virtual_boy|Recommended Virtual Boy Games]]   *[[virtual_boy|Recommended Virtual Boy Games]]
Line 75: Line 79:
   *[[ds|Recommended Nintendo DS Games]]   *[[ds|Recommended Nintendo DS Games]]
   *[[3ds|Recommended Nintendo 3DS Games]]   *[[3ds|Recommended Nintendo 3DS Games]]
   *[[eshop|Recommended WiiWare/​Nintendo eShop Games]]   *[[eshop|Recommended WiiWare/​Nintendo eShop Games]]
   *[[virtual_console|Recommended Virtual Console Games]]   *[[virtual_console|Recommended Virtual Console Games]]
Line 92: Line 97:
   *[[playstation3|Recommended PlayStation 3 Games]]   *[[playstation3|Recommended PlayStation 3 Games]]
   *[[playstation4|Recommended PlayStation 4 Games]]   *[[playstation4|Recommended PlayStation 4 Games]]
   *[[PSP|Recommended PlayStation Portable Games]]   *[[PSP|Recommended PlayStation Portable Games]]
   *[[Vita|Recommended PlayStation Vita games]]   *[[Vita|Recommended PlayStation Vita games]]
   *[[psn|Recommended PlayStation Network Games]]   *[[psn|Recommended PlayStation Network Games]]
   *[[psclassics|Recommended PS Classics Games]]   *[[psclassics|Recommended PS Classics Games]]
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 =====Other Recommendations===== =====Other Recommendations=====
   *[[mods|Recommended ROM Hacks and Mods]]   *[[mods|Recommended ROM Hacks and Mods]]
 +    * [[fan-translations|Recommended Fan-translations]]
   *[[goty|Recommended Games by Year]]   *[[goty|Recommended Games by Year]]
   *[[cows|Selectbutton'​s Sacred Cows]]   *[[cows|Selectbutton'​s Sacred Cows]]
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