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   ***//Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age//**   ***//Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age//**
-    * Ni Go Zero Ichi: Confession time: despite being a big fan of both //Final Fantasy// and Yasumi Matsuno, I could never get into //XII// back on the PS2. The story didn't grab me (it's trying to have the political intrigue and historical scope of //Tactics// and //Vagrant Story// with the whimsy and adventure of //IX// and //Tactics Advance// and it doesn'​t quite sit comfortably at either end of the scale) and the game design quirks were maybe too quirky: the world, myself, and perhaps most critically the PS2 weren'​t quite ready for this game. My point in all of this being that the PS4 remaster, between a host of design tweaks and the benefit of a decade'​s hindsight, is considerably more approachable than the vanilla //Final Fantasy XII//. The //​International Zodiac Job System// enhancements make the License Board far more coherent and tactical. There'​s a fast-forward button that should honestly just be mandatory for every RPG ever. The re-recorded soundtrack renders Hitoshi Sakimoto'​s compositions in the orchestral grandeur they always strove to represent. And so many of //​XII//'​s once-shocking ideas have, in some form, become integrated into the JRPG mainstram that it feels more of its time now than it did in 2006. 
   ***//Final Fantasy XV//** (also on: XB1, PC)   ***//Final Fantasy XV//** (also on: XB1, PC)
-    * 2501: Has a bunch of isolated ingredients for a theoretically compelling game, but that game absolutely isn’t this one. One of the more dull and pointless (albeit pretty) open worlds in recent memory. Combat is a spectacular bore, somehow both mind-numbingly simplistic and bafflingly incoherent. Good luck following, let alone caring about the story. The main course here is goofing around with sidequests and incidental dialogue from your Tetsuya Nomura-designed anime boy band, which admittedly does just hold the experience together... for a while. 
   ***//Grand Theft Auto V//** (also on: 360, PC, PS3, XB1)   ***//Grand Theft Auto V//** (also on: 360, PC, PS3, XB1)
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